The Silencer for Dental Professionals

Key features of The Silencer® Professional

  • Titanium Halstrom Hinge™.
  • Highly Adjustable, increments as small as 1mm.
  • Vertical Adjustment
  • Precise Laboratory Fabricated Fit
  • Comfort & Durability
  • Five Year warranty on hinge.
  • Select Laboratories Provide Three Year Warranty on the body of the appliance.

Advantages of The Silencer®:

Non-invasive reversible treatment;

  1. The dental provider may select from a number of independent dental labs for fabrication of The Silencer® Professional;
  2. A research proven appliance that takes a respectful approach to the needs of the jaw joint and the bite relationship;
  3. Vertical and horizontal adjustability provides the clinician a with a complete adjustment range to achieve the ideal setting for individual patients;
  4. High standard of quality and design, including lateral mobility, provide a best practices approach to the patient’s ongoing comfort;
  5. Long-term cost effective solution to this often lifelong medical need.
  6. For cases of heavy bruxism, patient may be fit using the heavy duty version of the titanium Halstrom Hinge™.

All of the above points combine to deliver an optimal solution for the patient, the physician, and the insurer in cases where the patient is appropriate for an oral appliance.

Clinical Considerations – Device Titration:

Dr. Halstrom believes that the optimal amount of advancement is the least amount possible to achieve effective therapy. The Silencer treatment protocol does not recommend continued forward adjustment by the patient, until the patient reports success.

Our typical adjustment steps are to start at a position equal to 50% of the range of motion from centric relation. If we do not have treatment success, we advance forward by 2 mm. If the patient still reports that their symptoms are nor resolved or resolving, then we open up the vertical dimension by 1mm. The vast majority of our patients achieve effective treatment within those steps. Sometimes it will take patients more time to anatomically react to a certain level of advancement, premature and aggressive advancement can occur when the patient has the ability to make changes at will. Dr. Halstrom’s personal clinical experience with over 2,000 patients, indicates that with The Silencer “we do not on average require as much advancement as other appliances”, as reported within the literature.

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