About Dr. Halstrom:
Sleep Apnea & Snoring Doctor


October 18th, 1989 – Dr. Halstrom falls asleep at the wheel!

With a great deal of good fortune I was able to walk away from a serious single car accident. Following the accident I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I tried CPAP therapy unsuccessfully, as I was unable to accommodate to the daily requirements of wearing the mask.

When considering surgery I decided to pursue the non-invasive and reversible option of oral appliances first. After trying several of the available snoring mouthpiece designs, I set about the task of creating an appliance that would solve my own sleep apnea problem. As a teeth grinder (bruxism) I also needed an appliance that offered some lateral movement, comfort, as well as durability.

From an early balsa wood design evolving to the precision titanium part the Halstrom Hinge®, that forms the integral part of The Silencer® oral appliance, my invention has now helped many thousands of patients world-wide in finding a comfortable and effective solution to their snoring and/or sleep apnea.

The Silencer® is available from our dental providers located in many areas throughout North America.  Our own sleep apnea and snoring clinics bring this effective therapy directly to patients located throughout British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to the many patients who rely on The Silencer® every night, I and my son Donald have both worn this product for almost twenty years.

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