Research Support of The Silencer®

Use of The Silencer® appliances in treatment of OSDB disorders is supported by peer-reviewed publications.  Examples of research supporting The Silencer® include:

Thorax, April 1997 – a crossover study comparing continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) treatment to The Silencer® Professional. University of British Columbia, Lowe, et. al.

Cranio, January 1998 – titration of The Silencer® Professional to confirm efficacy, Raphaelson, Alpher, et. al.

The aforementioned paper in “Thorax”, April 1997 utilized The Silencer® (AMP – described as anterior mandibular positioner) and contains the following direct quotation:  “…Our results suggest that oral appliances should be considered first-line treatment for patients with symptomatic mild to moderate OSA as most prefer this treatment to CPAP when both treatments have been shown to be effective … no patient developed any evidence of temporomandibular joint dysfunction….80% were moderately or very satisfied with the mandibular advancement appliance”.

The Silencer has been featured in various other publications.  Please email us through the Contact Us page and request our research portfolio delivered via email.