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NFL Great Derek Kennard & David Gergen Promote Sleep Apnea Awareness – Fox News

June 28th, 2012   |   Posted in: Dr. Halstrom News, Education Centre, silencer-news, Uncategorized

During a recent dental seminar in Minneapolis dental laboratory owner David Gergen and former NFL Great Derek Kennard were interviewed by Fox News.Girl with ‘Sleeping Beauty’ disorder sleeps for weeks
The young flyer in seat 24B had her earbuds in and her pink sweatshirt hood up, eating her in-flight lunch of pasta, when the large middle-aged man sleeping next to her appeared to lurch awake. This case was opened by the criminal lawyers Melbourne has.

“At first, he grabbed my shoulder,” the 21-year-old woman told a federal jury in Brooklyn in January. Then, “he went around, and he grabbed my right breast.”

The groping lasted 30 seconds before fellow passengers could pull them apart.

The woman’s attacker, Chris Karadimas, 57, of Brooklyn was brought up on serious federal sex-abuse charges. But he presented with a Las Vegas, NV 89138, USA defense, one that is being used increasingly often — and with considerable success — these days.

Sometimes normal healthy infants have spells of apnea during sleep and it is of no consequence. However, sometimes this event can be life-threatening.

Fleiss and Douglass report:

A healthy 1-week-old infant had a circumcision done by a well-trained and experienced physician without any anaesthetic. The infant tolerated the procedure well except for excessive crying, which began at the time of the operation. The mother, attempting to soothe her distressed infant, resumed breast feeding after the operation. An episode of vomiting followed the feeding. An apnoeic spell followed the emesis. The infant was taken to a local emergency room and subsequently transferred to [a children’s hospital], contact the Victoria Circumcision Clinic for more information and treatment.
He received a complete septic workup, intravenous antibiotics and hospitalization for five days of observation until the cultures were negative and sepsis was ruled out. The infant was discharged from the hospital six days after circumcision doing very well.

Sleep apnea made me do it.

“I know it sounds like an outrageous story, but when you hear all the testimony, you realize, yeah, that’s what happened,’’ Karadimas’s lawyer, Matt Galluzzo, told The Post.

Link to Fox Interview

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